Nicola Benedetto Bernardelli started his musical education at the age of 4: “Choir with instrumental accompaniment”. At 6 he started CLASSICAL GUITAR with Maestro Alessandro Bono. He was member of two international awards winning orchestras, the youth ensamble “Gioietta Paoli Padova” and the “Orchestra di Musica da Camera a Pizzico Città di Brescia”. He took harmony classes with Maestro Claudio Mandonico. At 14 he started to play TRUMPET and FLÜGELHORN. He attended during two years the jazz course of Corrado Guarino and his orchestra and he was member of the “East Side Big Band” of Lorenzo Bianchi. In the summer workshop Siena Jazz he was a pupil of Paolo Fresu (“Trumpet”), Marcello Piras (“Musicology”) and Mario Raja (“Orchestra”).

In Paris he trained in “Syncopated Solfeggio and Trumpet” with Andrew Crocker. Then he studied and graduated in the “Jazz Department of the Conservatory” named upon the “Nadia and Lili Boulanger sisters” where he was pupil of Bernard Maury (“Modal Harmony”), Pierre Bertrand (“Arrangement”), and Nicolas Folmer (“Trumpet”).

He composed the soundtrack of “Une trompette pour Ramón”, short 35 mm film by Francisco López, Chilean filmmaker. He was hired en various orchestras, as the one of composer and arranger Christophe Chassol.

Arrived in Buenos Aires, he played among others with double bass player Pablo Basez and piano player Alan Zimmerman. He approached SLIDE TROMBON and collaborated with the jazz orchestras of “Conservatorio Alberto Ginastera” (Morón) and “Conservatorio Nacional Leopoldo Marechal” (Ramos Mejía). During three years he studied “jazz trumpet improvisation” with the renowned trumpeter and composer Juan Cruz de Urquiza. He himself is a teacher: “Trumpet, Harmony and Syncopated Solfeggio”.

He regularly participates in the “Tributo a Miles Davis y Astor Piazzolla” of drums player Néstor Astarita. The ensemble includes Pablo Tozzi (double bass) and Alejandro Kalinoski (piano) sometimes replaced by Pablo Raposo or Ángel Sucheras. With this group he performed in “Teatro de la Cova” in Martinez (Buenos Aires), in Teatro Colón de Mar del Plata, and in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires in “Notorius”, “Jazz Voyeur”, “Thelonious”, “DAIN Usina Cultural”, in “Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti”, and in Festival Internacional de Jazz de Asunción (Paraguay) 2013. Sometimes Walter Ríos (bandoneón) and Mariel Dupetit (vocals) took part.

He was a regular member of the “Jorge Anders Orquesta”, with which he performed in “Notorius”, in “Jazz Y Pop”, in Hotel Sheraton Buenos Aires, and in Festival Internacional Buenos Aires JAZZ 2012. He also performed in cuartet with Sebastián Valsecchi (electrical guitar), Daniel Maza (electric bass and vocals) and Quintino Cinalli (drums and percussions).

He is a member of “Cuatrix”, cuartet created by legendary double bass player Jorge “Negro” González who passed over in December 7th 2013. Since December 9th 2014 (after one year of mourning), his place has been taken by Pablo Motta. The quartet includes Tomás Fraga (electric guitar) and Quintino Cinalli (drums and percussions). Besides having performed regularly in “Jazz Y Pop”, the ensamble presented in “Teatro Amigos de Merlo” in Merlo (San Luís), in Festival de jazz de Berazategui 2012, in Venado Tuerto and Firmat engaged by the renowned producers Paul Citraro and Nacho D’Agostino, in the festival “Jazz Monumental” in “Club Atlético River Plate” for the 112th anniversary celebration, and in “Teatro San Martín” in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires on December 9th 2014, for the first tribute to Jorge “Negro” González.