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Four Fridays for Jorge

I’ve been absent from this website during a long time, much of my time online was devoted to reading and commenting on news portals and social networks, 2% music 98% begging for peace in the world. However, I’ve just published this one on my Facebook account and I felt like copying it here. Each time we talk about Jorge “Negro” González, it comes out that we all still miss him a lot… Caveat, he asked that we remember him with joy 😀 That’s what we intend to do, with “Cuatrix”, one of his creations, on Friday, March 9th, at 23h30, and it will be a great honor to take part in this event which covers four Fridays. Read On →

March 30th 2016, live: "My Funny Valentine"

This recording was made during a beautiful night dedicated to Chet Baker, entitled Chet & Delp by the renowned producer Oscar Daniel Chilkowski, who invited me to take part in what happened to be the debut of this group. Chet & Delp: Martin Delp vocals Nicola B. Bernardelli flügelhorn Miguel Marengo piano Juan Manuel Bayón double bass Quintino Cinalli drums If you can set the player for HD, you get a better sound quality, YouTube streams better audio together with better video. Watch the video →

March 4th 2016, live: "Murga de la tarde", "El dueño de los temas" and "Smile"

The genesis of that night in “Blackman y su cueva” has already been told. Here you have three songs. Great emotion: the instrument of Jorge “Negro” González was with us again, vibrating again, in the skillful hands of Pablo Motta. The nice surprise was due to Carlos Américo González, Jorge’s brother. And thanks to him, this time we also have a video recording. I see I was often playing oriented to the side of the scene: that’s because from there I could listen to myself, the two main speakers where rather far to the sides of the scene, and fearing couplings I hadn’t almost been given any audible level from the monitor (they had been thinking I’d use in-ear monitoring, I was been told later). Watch the videos →

"Cuatrix" back in action?

“Cuatrix”, one of the bands created by renowned double bass player Jorge “Negro” González, is performing on March 4th, 2016: After Jorge passed over, in December 7th 2013, we had only played once, one year later, with Pablo Motta on double bass, during a tribute to Jorge which really filled the “Teatro San Martín”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, both in terms of audience and musicians. This is one show. Are we going to keep it on, is “Cuatrix” really “back in action”? Read On →

February 3rd 2016, live: "Adiós Nonino"

Néstor Astarita was finally with us on February 3rd, here we are again in Notorious jazz club, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This version of Adiós Nonino alternates delirant and lyric moments. Pablo was fighting with an audio feedback problem, he was often turning to the equipment in an attempt to solve it, but I find that the Larsen effect adds a nice Jimi Hendrix touch to this take :D The Néstor Astarita quartet: Nicola B. Listen →

November 25th 2015, live: "Nardis" and "Oblivion"

On November 25th we had another gig in Notorious jazz club, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Néstor Astarita seemed to have recovered but a few days before he was coughing a bit and finally on the eve he decided not to play, once more we had Quintino Cinalli on drums. I’m sharing these tracks although they are far from being “the perfect take”, at least as for my playing. Alejandro Kalinoski piano Pablo Tozzi double bass Quintino Cinalli drums Nicola B. Listen →

"Glass Mistery", I hadn't seen this

A couple of days ago, a former pupil surprised me with this video, I hadn’t seen it. I have the souvenir of a night I really enjoyed, “good wave” and very good musicians around me: Alejandro Herrera on bass and project leader Gustavo Cámara saxophones Horacio Acosta piano, Tomas Babjaczuk drums Nicola B. Bernardelli trumpet and flüguelhorn www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN7N67Ii10s Watch the video →

Stainless steel

:) Néstor is fine, the surgery was a success. Carola tells us that he entered the operating room as up, “arriba” as he was when I saw him last Sunday… stainless steel character indeed! (How comes he was so nervous before certain concerts, then, I can not understand.) Open →

Cajón unplugged

I have just arrived from the hospital and I can confirm that Néstor’s mood is quite fine. He unplugged himself from the monitoring system, he grabbed a wood box very similar to a “cajón” (Wikipedia) and started playing sitting on it. The nurse, who had been focusing on another patient, soon realized and came to stop the show. Alas, I can not publish any pictures, she told us that it is forbidden to shoot any in there, and I don’t want to risk causing her any trouble. Read On →

Heart attack

This Blog starts with a heart attack. Néstor Astarita, drummer and leader of the Tribute to Astor Piazzolla and Miles Davis project, has just suffered one. Why not “sadly”? Because, even under this circumstance, «He’s as up, “arriba”, as he always is». Carola Faverio, his life mate, transmits news to us, we are not allowed to visit him. He’s facing an urgent intervention today or tomorrow, which of course implies serious risks. Read On →