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I am producing new material, original themes and original arrangements of well known themes… I’ll be hopefully adding audio or video clips soon enough, so, as they use to say…

… Stay tuned:

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As for live material… admittedly, I don’t use to record audio-video myself during gigs (simply because I already bring in more than enough equipment to take care of, and for now I feel that more than that would just make it too difficult to stay focused on music). Fragments recorded and selected by others are often not my moments of choice.

And finally… recording trumpet and flügelhorn from far away doesn’t usually render a sound I like… or worse… One day I made this test before a rehearsal of “Cuatrix” in “Jazz Y Pop”, with the high end audio equipment in the club: I played a few long notes in the microphone over a play-a-long CD, checking that it sounded right (and watching the pitch on a chromatic tuner), while recording with just a small recorder placed far away in the room. Listening to the recorded clip, it sounded out of tune. Others were listening in both moments, “live” and playback, and were surprised, but not me.

EDITED October 22nd 2015: I’ve seen on the web video clips of excellent trumpeters showing pitch or sound quality issues… OK, live is live… even the sound monitoring one gets on the stage is not always clear…
So, I was just thinking that I need to relax a bit, when I received the Glass Mistery clip you now find in the “Video” section on top of this page :)