November 25th 2015, live: "Nardis" and "Oblivion"

On November 25th we had another gig in Notorious jazz club, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Néstor Astarita seemed to have recovered but a few days before he was coughing a bit and finally on the eve he decided not to play, once more we had Quintino Cinalli on drums.

I’m sharing these tracks although they are far from being “the perfect take”, at least as for my playing.

If you can set the player for HD, you get a better sound quality, YouTube streams better audio together with better video.

Nardis by Miles Davis

Nardis has always proven to be a difficult theme with the harmon mute for me with such a “powerful” band, but I like the overall feel here and the creative energy of all of us.

Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla

I still remember when I bought a CD by Astor Piazzolla, in Italy, I think in the late 80s: Oblivion had a really strong impact on me and I kept listening to it again and again.

Alas, here the sound engineer had to “fight” with a faulty cable behind one of the speakers.

Recording: Zoom H2n with the built-in mics
Processing: Ableton Live Suite
Image: Inkscape, GIMP, Blender

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