Heart attack

This Blog starts with a heart attack. Néstor Astarita, drummer and leader of the Tribute to Astor Piazzolla and Miles Davis project, has just suffered one.

Why not “sadly”? Because, even under this circumstance, «He’s as up, “arriba”, as he always is». Carola Faverio, his life mate, transmits news to us, we are not allowed to visit him.

He’s facing an urgent intervention today or tomorrow, which of course implies serious risks. Best luck Néstor!

Néstor’s manager of choice wants us to comply with our engagement with the club anyway, and not cancel on such short notice, but the possible replacement drummer he was thinking of was not available. So he asked me, and I proposed Quintino Cinalli, who is also a hell of a drummer. I’ll be in the club a bit earlier tonight to check with him the list of themes and the arrangements we have in some points (many themes widely change on the fly from one concert to another, anyway).

EDIT, good news:

Last message from Carola (14h54 local time Buenos Aires UTC-3):

Hi! Medical report: he’s very fine, already stable, so they are planning the intervention for next Tuesday. He will stay in CCU as a safety measure. Thanks for sharing the blood donors’ call. Today he can already wear a pijama, so I might send you a picture, but only if he looks pretty, you know he’s always taking care of style LOL. Thanks for your love and support, a huge hug!

Original text in Castellano from Carola:

Holaa! parte medico: esta m bien, ya estabilizado, entonces programan operación para el martes. Seguirá en unidad coronaria por prevención. Gracias por publicar el pedido de dadores de sangre. Hoy ya puede usar pijama así que a lo mejor, si esta bonito les comparto una foto, saben q es recoqueto, jaja. Gracias por el cariño y el apoyo, un enorme abrazo!

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